Low-cost ½ λ Dipole for HF QRP rigs

Here’s an economical dipole for simple QRP HF homebrew rigs. It’s a one-piece radiator/feeder arrangement made of surplus insulated telephone drop wire with twin copper-clad steel cores.

Telephone Drop Wire
The wire is separated into two halves to get the λ/2 radiating portion. The centre point is tied with string to arrest separation.

Low-cost HF dipole - details
A better method, suggested by WB6BYU - OM Dale, is to use an underwriter's/electrician's knot.

Here's a link -  http://hope.edu/academic/engineering/labs/Electricity_Lab/Figures.html .

The end insulators are scrap bakelite pieces, drilled to take the wire and string. Banana plugs are used at the rig-end.

Works real good when strung high up between two trees or other supports.