My first HF Transmitter

It's a 15W CW/10W AM transmitter for 7/14 MHz.

Transmitter Stages:
ECC81 - VFO on 3.5MHz
EF89 - Buffer
EF89 - Multiplier to 7 MHz
EF89 - Multiplier to 14 Mhz
EL86 - Final with pye tank

Has an outboard power supply cum modulator.

Modulator Stages:
ECC83 - Speeech Amplifier
EL84 - Modulator

My design manuscripts:

Could work a lot of DX on CW (including one from 'W' land on 40m) in the late 1970s.

AM DX contacts were with 4S7 and YB0 stations.

Antennas used were simple dipoles.