Low-cost ½ λ Dipole for HF QRP rigs

Here’s an economical dipole for simple QRP HF homebrew rigs. It’s a one-piece radiator/feeder arrangement made of surplus insulated telephone drop wire with twin copper-clad steel cores.

Low Cost ½ λ Dipole
The cores are separated to get the λ/2 radiating length and then tied together with string to arrest further separation.

Telephone Drop Wire
The string could be done away with, and the λ/2 length yet maintained, using the reliable 'Underwriters Knot'.

Underwriter's Knot
The end insulators are scrap bakelite pieces, drilled to take the wire and string. Banana plugs are used at the rig-end.

Works real good when strung high up between two trees or other supports.