My first Crystal Radio

This simple shunt-fed crystal radio uses only a OA5 diode and a pair of vintage headphones.

My First Crystal Radio - Schematic
The DLR No.5 I.T.B.A.5 S headphones used are of the 'Balanced Armature' type and very sensitive.

Reception of the lone local 200kW 612kHz AM station, located 20km away, was quite good using a wire antenna just 60' long and earth.

My First Crystal Radio
The homebrew enclosure is of copper clad phenolic board. The centre pin of the BNC socket serves as the antenna input with a screw terminal for the earth connection. A 3-pin audio connector is used for the headphones.

External detectors may be connected through a 2-pin socket while the OA5 is disconnected through the switch provided.