Direction-finding Yagi Beam for 70cm

The PVC pipe/brazing rod construction, used in homebrewing this antenna, is the brainchild of OM Nathan Loucks WB0CMT (A Portable 3-Element 2m Beam - April 1993 QST).

All it requires is a length of 25mm PVC pipe, 2 end caps, 1.6mm brazing rod, a BNC socket, a piece of RG-58U coax and M-Seal epoxy sealant.

70cm Direction-finding Yagi Antenna
Element lengths used:

Driven element: 330mm end-to-end, Director: 305mm, Reflector: 355mm

Element spacing:

Driven element to director: 130mm, Driven element to reflector: 75/85mm.

Conversion of the driven element, from a straight dipole to a half-folded one, was an afterthought to bring the SWR down to less than 1.5:1.

70cm Direction-finding Yagi - detail of driven-element
A length of 18SWG copper wire was used for the conversion.

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