Series-tuned Ferrite Loopstick Crystal Radio

This series-tuned crystal radio is housed in a plastic pencil box.

Series-tuned Ferrite Loopstick 
Crystal Radio
It has 2 windings of 30 SWG enamelled copper wire on a 6" long, 3/8 " diameter ferrite rod. The primary has 10 turns and the secondary 90, both close-wound.

Series-tuned Ferrite Loopstick
Crystal Radio - schematic
The primary series-tuned circuit, which includes the 200μH moulded inductor, the 3600 pf capacitor and the capacitance of the 60' wire antenna, is resonant at 612 kHz (the frequency of the local 200 kW station, located 20km away). The secondary is also series-tuned using a 500pf PVC variable capacitor. The detector, a germanium transistor with its base and emitter connected, shunt-feeds sensitive balanced-armature phones. Reception of the local station is quite good, with a headphone current of 625 μA (measured using a 1mA FSD 60 Ω meter).

Series-tuned Ferrite Loopstick
Crystal Radio - inside view
Reception is as good without an external antenna and earth, when the radio is held close to a CATV cable running over the shack and working as a passive radiator. Signal strength is maximum when the ferrite rod is laterally oriented with respect to it (with headphone current measuring around 350 μA).

This radio also works quite well, even up to 5 km away from the transmitter, unaided by external antennas, earth and passive radiators.

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