Simple 2-element array for 2m

This array was homebrewed using four 18" long telescopic whips and a length of ¾" diameter thick-walled CPVC water pipe.

Data for the 2-element array was obtained from an old ARRL Handbook.

Dimensions in inches: Driven Element - 5540/f MHz, Director - 5263/f MHz, Spacing - 2750/f MHz.

The spacing close to 0.25λ would result in a good match for 50Ω coaxial cable.

Maximum gain would be possible with a director at 0.1λ or a reflector at 0.15λ. However matching issues related to the very low radiation resistance would then have to be tackled (F.C.Judd G2BCX in '2 meter Antenna Handbook').

2m 2-element array
The shorter length of the telescopics was made up with spacers which also served as mounts for the elements. The spacers were made using scrap bakelite strips. Self-tapping screws were used to fasten the elements to the CPVC pipe. A BNC socket was mounted at the feed point and wired to the elements.

2m 2-element array - close-up (element folded)
The array is easy to carry as the elements can be 'telescoped in' and folded. Hence it lends itself to portable operation or direction finding.

Theoretical gain for this array is 3dB.

Preliminary on-the-air checks for gain, front-to-back ratio and null, were encouraging.

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