Moxon Antenna for 2m

3/8 " aluminium tubular elements, left over from a cannibalised VHF TV Yagi beam, were used to fabricate this 2m Moxon Antenna.

2m Moxon Antenna
Screw joints became a necessity since the elements were not long enough. The ends were flattened and drilled for the purpose.

A scrap plastic handle came in handy for the spacers. It was easy to cut it, drill the fixing holes and make a recess for the BNC socket.

Dimensions were obtained using the 'MoxGen - MOXON Rectangle Generator'.

For vertical polarisation, this antenna is directly mounted on a PVC pipe mast with a screw through each spacer.

Preliminary checks showed that this antenna is as good as, if not better than, my 'simple 2 element array'. Both, being 50Ω antennas, are capable of outperforming even a 3 element array with its associated matching problems.

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