Sleeve Dipole Antenna for 2m

The elements for this Sleeve Dipole Antenna are cut from copper tube scrap (3/16" diameter for the driven element and 5/8" for the sleeve).

2m Sleeve Dipole Antenna
The driven element is pushed into a 2" long rubber hose and fitted 1" deep into the sleeve. A tapered bakelite tube gives rigidity to the joint. For an overall length of ½ λ (39" at 145MHz), the sleeve is 19½" long and the driven element 20½".

2m Sleeve Dipole Antenna details
The ends are closed with plastic caps. A BNC socket is mounted on the sleeve end-cap and wired with RG-59/U coaxial cable. The centre conductor is soldered to the driven element and the braid to the sleeve. Care is taken to ensure that the BNC socket does not touch the sleeve.

A good weekend project, awaiting tests for effectiveness.

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