PVC-encased Vertical Antennas for 2m

These PVC-encased 2m vertical antennas were built years ago.

PVC-encased TV Ribbon J-Pole & Slim Jim Antennas
One is a J-Pole, housed in a thick-walled  ¾” PVC pipe, with a SO-239 connector. The other is a Slim Jim, in a thin-walled PVC pipe, with a BNC.

Both were homebrewed, using 300 Ω TV Ribbon, with good results (SWR < 1.5:1). The ends were sealed against water ingress using 'M-Seal' (epoxy sealant in dual component lump form).  

TV Ribbon
Thanks are due to W0IPL - OM Pat & N4UWJ - OM Don, for construction details of the J-Pole Slim Jim respectively.