Coax Collinear for 70cm

This 70cm Coax Collinear Antenna was homebrewed one evening in the year 2008.

The job was made simple, thanks to N1HFX - OM Mike Martell and his detailed article 'Build A 9 dB, 70cm, Collinear Antenna From Coax'.

A view of the Coax Collinear for 70cm
All instructions were strictly followed.

A brass sleeve was soldered to the braid at the feedpoint and a SO-239 connector was used.

Both the ends of the antenna were waterproofed with epoxy.

SWR was close to 1.5:1 when checked at a power level of 50mW.

Signal strength with this antenna was 2-3 'S' points higher compared to that using a ¼ λ Ground Plane Antenna at the same height.