Minimalist Converter

A simple converter was homebrewed in order to listen to a strong 612 kHz local station using the 1.5 - 30 MHz shack receiver.

Simple Converter - Schematic
Since the 1.612 MHz received signal was noisy, a 2.5 mH RF choke was connected across the output - to no avail. Then, on an impulse, it was connected across the OA90 diode. The result was an enormous increase in signal strength.

Tuning up later, with the converter inadvertently switched off, an equally strong signal was found on 1.836 MHz.

A real effective tripler had been stumbled upon, making the oscillator redundant.

Minimalist Converter - Schematic
So out it went, leaving only diode and choke to do the job.

The result - a chance minimalist project!