Series-tuning for a Crystal Radio

Adding series-tuning was an afterthought to improve the performance of my first crystal radio.

Ferri Loopstick & PVC Gang Condenser
The loopstick (90 turns of Litz wire, close-wound on a 2" length of  ¼" ferrite rod) and variable (a 500+500 pF PVC gang condenser) were wired on a bread board and connected in series with the antenna lead-in.
Series-tuned Crystal Radio - Schematic
With the plates of the condenser nearly fully meshed, the only local broadcast station on 612 kHz was received with a considerable increase in volume.

However, both the loopstick and variable were too big for the crystal radio enclosure.

Trials, with a fixed 1000pf capacitor in series with available fixed inductors, were unsuccessful.

Ultimately, a 200 μH moulded inductor was found to work quite well, with the 60' wire antenna itself providing the capacitance.
Moulded Inductor
It was easy to solder it right at the antenna socket.

Moulded Inductor-tuned Crystal Radio - Schematic